Preparing CarePaks- Round 1

CareCom, inc. began business operations in September, 2019, having been incorporated the year prior. We wanted to offer practical help to the homeless, beyond giving handing over a dollar or two when encountering them along the way. We asked several what (beyond $$) we could provide them as assistance. CarePak contents were developed in response to these suggestions. Consequently, our first “Pack” took place the following month, as we gathered to put together the initial 100 CarePaks.

CareCom CarePak #1 Contents

Food & Water: Frito-Lay Variety 1, Frito-Lay Variety 2, Fruit Gummies, Granola Bars, Fig Bars, Planters Nut -Variety, GoldFish, Bumble Bee, Tuna/ Chicken Snacks, Oreos, Bottled Water, Water Flavors

Non Food: Gallon Bags, Book of St. John, Antibacterial Wipes, Chapstick, Tampons (Lady Paks), Business /Contact Card, Sticker

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