CarePak – Round 2

We planned to prepare and distribute three rounds of CarePaks before the end of the year; early October, before Thanksgiving and before Christmas. We created 100 CarePaks for round 1 and are preparing 500 for round 2. We were able to get more “bang for the buck” by obtaining a tax exemption certification and a warehouse membership.

CarePak # 2 Contents

Bumble Bee Tuna/Chicken Snacks (2), Clif Bars, Belvita Cinnamon Breakfast Biscuit, Fig Bars, Cheese Sandwich Crackers, Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers, Granola Bars (2), Peanuts, GoldFish, Oreos (pkg of 6), Doritos, Chips & Asst. (1), Water Flavors (2), Antibacterial Wipes (4), Book of St. John

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